Huvitz HDC 9000 N/PF
Проектор Huvitz HDC 9000 N/PF
FULL HD технология
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Проектор Huvitz HDC 9000 N/PF

Full HD технология

High Resolution 24” LCD Chart

High Resolution 24” LCD Chart: This high resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) 24” Color TFT-LCD with polarized panel supports more precise visual acuity testing.

Various Types of Standard Visual Acuity Charts

Various Types of Standard Visual Acuity Charts: The various standard charts include tests such as Letter, Number, landolt C, Snellen E. Children chart and other specialty charts as well

Color Vision Test

Color Vision Test: HDC-9000N/PF presents 12 charts for testing Color Blindness and 9 charts for classifying the level of visual inability.

Contrast Sensitivity Test

Contrast Sensitivity Test: The HDC-9000N/PF also has a function to measure contrast sensitivity at various levels using letter charts and
the bar.

Hue Test

Hue Test: For the color blindness test, the HDC-9000N/PF supports the professional test consisting of 85 color charts diversified by wavelength and the simple test of 15 color charts.

Проектор Huvitz HDC 9000 N/PF: СПЕЦИФИКАЦИЯ

Masks Line(Horizontal) / Column(Vertical) / Single Optotype Controlled by Remote Controller with infrared communication
Red / Green Chart Adjustable Color Depth
Test Distance From 2.5 to 6m( scale of 0.1m ) / from 8 to 20ft.( scale of 0.5ft )
LCD Compatibility 17”, 19”, 20”, 23” and 24”
Operating System Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista
Data Transmission Connected to PC[USB], Connected to HDR/CDR[CAN]
Chart Type 3 type in decimal or fractional meter, or in feet
Total File Size on Disk 100MB
Remote Controller 65mm(W) x 195mm(L) x 20mm(H) / 160g(Default Option)
Receiver 51mm(W) x 80mm(L) x 21mm(H) / 46g(Default Option)
Power 5V, 100mA, 0.5W
Wall Mount 240mm(W) x 25.5mm(D) x 230mm(H) / 2.9kg Customized for iMac(Optional)