Блокер Huvitz
Kaizer HMB 8000
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Блокер Huvitz Kaizer HMB 8000

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Компактен и модерен дизайн

– Simple, and it makes your work environment look great

LED осветеност

– Lifetime durability LED lamp
– Easy to mark and block even with dark-tinted lenses by brightness control function

Енергоспестяващ режим

– Automatic power off after confirming the marking points
– Automatic power off and sleep mode after preset time

Блокер Huvitz Kaizer HMB 8000: СПЕЦИФИКАЦИЯ

Illumination White LED Source, Light Intensity Adjustment, Automatic Power Saving Mode
Dimensions / Weight 177(W) x 184(D) x 261(H)mm / 2kg
Power Supply 5V DC 3.5A
Power Consumption 2.5W